I’m an International Technology Salesman & Dealer Channel Director

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After software engineering and creating my startup business, I started a sales career in different software solutions. My entrance to world wide markets happened in Metus Technology where I fondly worked 4 years. Established high end MAM, Ingest and Newsroom projects in very different areas of the world as a sales manager for MEA.

Now I am promoting a new player in teleprompter segment; Fortinge as sales manager for Middle East, Africa, Asia and Pacific. Increasing graphics of sales orders and seeing the brand more and more well-known each day making me happy.



 Fatih DOGAN


31 years


I’m interested in new technology fields; VR, Face Recognition, AI, Artificial neural network, Deep Learning, smart city technologies, machine learning, IOT and A&V technologies of course.

I’m also running  in my free time. 

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Jan 2018 – Present

Sales Manager
There’s a new player in town! 
After Europe and USA market, Fortinge teleprompters and broadcast hardware & software products now known and purchased in Middle East,  Africa,  Asia and Pacific! 

Mar 2014 – Jan 2018

Sales Manager
Metus was a great starting point for me to enter international broadcast technology market with its customer & resellers in 70+ countries  and three offices (Istanbul, Europe and  Silicon Valley of USA) 
During my Sales Manager position in MEA area; I acted as demonstration artist in exhibitions, sales and reseller management also organized the presales and support activites for my accounts. I travelled for opening booths in exhibitions, meetings, giving reseller and customer trainings.  Contributed my company with huge scale MAM, Ingest and News Room projects. 


Armain Technology
Aug 2012 – Mar 2014 

Sales & Dealer Channel Director
Armain Technology is a software company develops full stack e-commerce solutions with huge scale ERP integrations.
With its crowded  and experienced sales team; it was the place I saw the ropes of hot sales and learned reseller management. After a successful sales record, I was promoted as Sales and Dealer Channel Director. 

Mobim Technology
Feb 2012 – Aug 2012

Sales Engineer 
After a tiring software development and entrepreneurship marathon, I pursued my childhood desire to be salesman and entered corporational sales world in Mobim Technology with its CRM solutions.  
Learned a lot about technology sales thanks to the patience of CEO Mr. Metin Çelik and I contributed with my sales to medical market for the first time in company history. 


Aug 2011 – Feb 2012 

Smart phones were  getting more popular, Foursquare was newly getting popular and push notification technology in mobile phones was just developed. 
Meet mobile was started with the idea of using these new technologies  for a meeting app and creating income with location based push notifications from sponsors.  
As cofounder, I worked in both software and business side. 
Lack of business and sales experience created a vicious cycle of insufficient penetration rates and financial income and unfortunately  MeetMobil went to the museum of failed startups. 

Mobilike (Ad Colony)
Oct 2010 – Aug 2011 

IOS Engineer 
Computer Engineering education was very challenging to me due to my outgoing character. However after my consultations to the elder professionals in the IT market; I was told it will be useful if I enter to kitchen (Software Development) first, before entering the business or sales position for  the IT world.
Mobilike was  the first and leading mobile ad agency of Turkey, -then went global with Ad Colony- It was a great place for me to develop mobile -IOS- applications for Iphones and Ipads. I used native Objective-C for software developments.
It was delightful to create something from scratch.


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